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    Your Chickens are shit but with this they can be like mine.

    These are your chickens,Fucking disgusting pesents what is the point of them in this form they are gross and usless no options at all.

    These fuckers are my chickens i know right my cocks massive see that shit i can parent it to brushs and change its skins and make inputs and outputs to, its godly

    How do i get such sexy chickens hypenpls simple as fuck locate your csgo.fgd found in SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\bin
    Right click and edit that bitch here paste this
    @PointClass base(Targetname, Parentname, Angles) studio("models/chicken/chicken.mdl") = chicken :
    "Chicken. A chicken will spawn at this point.\n"
    sethealth(integer) : "Set Health" : 1 : "Bug-Resets to 1 on map spawn"
    health(integer) : "Health" : 1 : "Bug-Resets to 1 on map spawn"
    max_health(integer) : "Max Health" : 1 : "Bug-Resets to 1 on map spawn"
    rendercolor(color255) : "Color (R G B)" : "255 255 255" : "The color of the chicken."
    effects(integer) : "Effects" : 4096 : "Unknown value that is set to 4096 by default"
    SetBodyGroup(choices) : "Skin" : 0 : "Holiday skin value 0-5. NOTE: Will not show difference in hammer." =
    0 : "None"
    1 : "Birthday hat"
    2 : "Ghost cloth"
    3 : "Christmas sweater"
    4 : "Rabbit ears"
    5 : "Pumkin heads"
    skin(choices) : "Skin color" : 0 : "Default is Light Brown" =
    0 : "Light Brown"
    1 : "Dark Brown"
    modelscale(float) : "Model Scale" : "1" : "The size of the chicken. Values over 10 will give visual model errors. NOTE: Will not show difference in hammer."

    input Addhealth(integer) : "Add health to chicken"
    input Color(color255) : "color"
    input RemoveHealth(integer) : "Remove HP"
    input SetHealth(integer) : "Health"
    input Skin(integer) : "skin"
    input SetAnimation(string) : "animation"
    input SetBodyGroup(integer) : "holiday style"

    output OnTakeDamage(void) : "On take damage"
    output OnHealthChange(void) : "On take damage"

    note line with "//output" that is there because i was testing having a variable to change the chicken's size. It works in game but i can't get it to currently work with the properties. there are probably more commands you can place here but i don't know which ones and how.

    Now your done and your chickens are almost as amazing as mine. GLHF

    Credit to /r/Revoker for the pointclass
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    `Revo: those are some lumpy ass balls

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