Item Description Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
VIP Chat Get access to the VIP only chat on the server, where only VIPs can type and see the messages!
VIP Forums Get the VIP tag, and discuss on the private VIP only forums on our website!
Discord Channel Get a permanent voice channel on the Freedom Gamers Discord server!
VIP Skin Look like a VIP on our servers, with special access to the VIP only skin in-game!
Wallhack Grenade Be able to throw a grenade once per map that allows you to see the enemy through walls!
Firewarrior Get set on fire, but get a big move speed boost for some time before dying!
Disguise Change into a CT skin for a short period of time, so you can easilly rebel!
Colour Set the colour of your players model!
Health Shot Give your player a health boost once per map, with the health shot perk!
Smoke Nade Once per map, spawn yourself a smoke grenade to kill your fellow terrorists!
Hats Wear a cool hat, or mask on your player!

Latest VIPs

vote yesLevel 3. (26/03/18 5:43 pm)

scared of bugsLevel 3. (24/01/18 8:35 pm)

FawxLevel 3. (23/01/18 6:52 pm)

Please Note

Before purchasing VIP, please take a moment to read the FG VIP Policy located on the forums. This outlines what to expect as a VIP, and the policies outlining VIP on Freedom Gamers.


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