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    Hey, I just heard about csgo JB, joined the IP for the server, downloaded the map but when i get in all i see is "error" all over my screen and only my knife and hud.

    I've quit csgo and rejoined twice without any change. any ideas how to fix? thanks

    Heres a screenshot:

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    Hey digital,

    Sorry that you haven't been able to enjoy the servers yet. The issue is obviously a downloads issue. I connected with a fresh CSGO and my client was able to download everything I needed and display everything correctly. I would suggest re-starting your CSGO one more time and try now. If that doesnt work, try changing some console variables to enable you to download the content.

    Try setting cl_downloadfilter all

    If that doesnt work, you may have to download the content manually at

    Please let us know if this works!



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