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    Wink Valley

    Gonna copy Hyphen's Seaside thread a bit as it's pretty good.


    • Maze
    • Kitchen Dodgeball
    • Rock Climb
    • Wipeout Big Balls - Reach final platform without dying
    • Indiana Jones Boulder Run - Reach the end without getting flattened
    • Bullrush - Auto 9k for CT's and CT only button to enable auto-bhop, game includes surfable walls
    • Slide Game - Jump into specific coloured holes along the slide
    • Dodgeball Race - Reach the end without getting hit by balls
    • Boxing
    • Soccer
    • Half Court Basketball
    • Skipping
    • Talent Room with Microphone
    • C4 Toss


    Bullrush Room on the right + hallway

    Wipeout + part of desert

    Indiana Jones Boulder Run

    Cell Area

    Dodgeball Race Thing

    Notable Features

    • Birds
    • Fish
    • Breakable Skylight
    • Two vents, one is a breakable cell window, the other normal
    • Window vent gives access to the roof
    • Not many map guns / smokes
    • Lots of custom map games
    • Kitchen floor is lava is possible
    • Lots of possible holding areas for T's
    • Surrounding mountains
    • Vending machines with cans, son

    Tell me what you think below
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    looks greats cant wait to see how she plays,
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    `Revo: those are some lumpy ass balls

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    Looks fucking wonderful mate love the work and effort you've put in to make great map games etc, keep it up mate <3

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    Looks dope!

    Especially that Indiana Jones game ))



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